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Nuke the Soup: Bio

Nuke the Soup is a new project featuring Mark Davison, singer/guitarist/songwriter and founding member of Cubic Feet. Keyboardist Brian Simms, bassist Mike Mennell, guitarist Rennie Grant, and Chester Thompson (Genesis, Zappa) on drums round out the current line up.

Make Waves Not War is the band’s first release. Producer Pete Solley (Romantics, Oingo Boingo – and all Cubic Feet albums) mans the desk and contributes keyboards. The first single on the album is track #2, “Filled with Dread”. It is a peppy, ska tinged number which is a perfect summertime cut to go with your Red Stripe.

Track #1, “Ocean”, is destined to become a surf anthem. “Finger of Friendship”, track #9, should catch the listener’s ear. The storyline is that, apparently, male dolphins excite easily and are known to offer a certain body part to swimmers as a “finger of friendship.”

Cubic Feet has had a successful run of four albums, the last being the critically acclaimed Superconnector. Nuke the Soup is looking to expand upon that fan base with great new material and a top notch band.